Remote control & communication of systems through power lines

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering

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Subbarao V. Wunnava

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Jean Andrian

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Tadeusz M. Babij

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The remote control system proposed in this thesis will introduce the concept that power line can be used for control and communication. Home Automation has used the power line to send commands to control appliances but lacked the ability to achieve a two-way communication. The protocol used in Home Automation is not designed for communication and lacks some basics, like error detection.

This thesis will not only use X-10 technology to communicate through the power line but will also implement a VHDL design used for the two-way communication.

A cableless communication is developed using the power line since no new cabling is needed for communication. They greatly ease the work required to install a network, particularly in older buildings that were not built with cabling needs in mind.

X-10 is not the only method that can be used for communication through the power line. A solution that needs further development is mentioned in the conclusion of this thesis.



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