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Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Ronald E. Giachetti

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Committee Chair

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Martha A. Centeno

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Shih-Ming Lee

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Syed M. Ahmed


Supply Chain Modeling, Maturity Model, Supply Chain Assessing

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In an overcapacity world, where the customers can choose from many similar products to satisfy their needs, enterprises are looking for new approaches and tools that can help them not only to maintain, but also to increase their competitive edge. Innovation, flexibility, quality, and service excellence are required to, at the very least, survive the on-going transition that industry is experiencing from mass production to mass customization. In order to help these enterprises, this research develops a Supply Chain Capability Maturity Model named S(CM)2. The Supply Chain Capability Maturity Model is intended to model, analyze, and improve the supply chain management operations of an enterprise. The Supply Chain Capability Maturity Model provides a clear roadmap for enterprise improvement, covering multiple views and abstraction levels of the supply chain, and provides tools to aid the firm in making improvements. The principal research tool applied is the Delphi method, which systematically gathered the knowledge and experience of eighty eight experts in Mexico. The model is validated using a case study and interviews with experts in supply chain management. The resulting contribution is a holistic model of the supply chain integrating multiple perspectives, and providing a systematic procedure for the improvement of a company’s supply chain operations.





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