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Master of Music (MM)



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Sam Lussier

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Gary Campbell

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Mike Orta

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This thesis is an attempt to unite two distinct and dissimilar musical genres, the music of the Colombian Andes and modem jazz. The compositions to be analyzed in this thesis are meant to function as parts of a whole. Thus, they will be linked by thematic and rhythmic material. In their entirety the pieces will form a suite of dances not unlike those of Baroque composers, with titles that denote the name of the particular air being employed by the composer, who is also the author of this thesis. These individual dances are orchestrated for a jazz ensemble consisting of piano, string bass, drums, alto saxophone, and guitar. The rhythmic underpinning of this work is inspired by the folk music of Colombia and the harmonic content will be derived from the jazz idiom. The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate the possible product of the fusion of musical disciplines that are on the surface in no way related. This thesis will also attempt to show an example of how cultures can meld socio-artistically.



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