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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Valentina Bruk-Lee

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Jesse Michel

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Paulette Johnson

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Organizational Image, Organizational Personality, Recruitment, Web-based Recruitment, Social Media, Corporate Website, Facebook

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This study examined the role of corporate websites and company Facebook profiles in shaping perceptions of organizational image in the recruitment context.

A primary purpose of this research was to determine whether or not perceptions of organizational image vary across different web-based recruitment methods, specifically examining corporate websites and social networking (SNW) sites, such as company Facebook profiles. A secondary goal was to determine how these perceptions of image are shaped by the objective components of websites and Facebook profiles. Finally, this study sought to determine the most influential components of websites and Facebook profiles, in terms of impacting image, to better understand how organizations can maximize their web-based recruitment efforts.

A total of 102 companies selected from Fortune Magazine’s 2011 top 500 were chosen for the study. Perceptions of organizational personality as well as objective assessments of personality were gathered for each organization in a two phase approach. Results indicate that exposure to corporate websites and company Facebook profiles do influence perceptions of image in different ways. Furthermore, individual components of the websites were identified as key drivers for influencing specific image dimensions, particularly for company Facebook pages. Findings are beneficial for advising practitioners on how to best manage their web-based recruitment sources in order to maximize efficiency. The present study serves to further our understanding of the process through which perceptions of organizational image are influenced by new recruitment sources.





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