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Rosemary Hickey-Vargas

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Florentin Maurrasse

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Bradford Clement

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Variations in trace element abundances with depth in soils and sediments may be due to natural processes or reflect anthropogenic influences. The depth related variations of five major elements (Fe, Si, Al, Ca and Mg), seventeen trace elements (Mn, Cr, Ti, P, Ni, Ba, Sc, Sr, Sb, Zn, Pb, Cd, Co, V, Be, Cu and Y) and volatile loss patterns were examined for sediment cores from five sites in South Florida (Lake Okeechobee, SFWMD Water Conservation area 3B, F.I.U., the Everglades and Chekika State Recreation Area). Principal component analysis of the chemical data combined with microscopic examination of the soils reveal that depth-related variations can be explained by varying proportions of three natural soil constituents and one anthropogenic component. The results can be used as a geochemical baseline for human influence on South Florida soils.



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