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Religious Studies

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Aisha Y. Musa

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Christine Gudorf

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Erik Larson

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The purpose of this study is to promote research into and the development of a non-polemical Islamic conception of Jesus Christ. Before engaging the textual sources the thesis considers in some detail the historical context within which the Quranic discourse about Christ was formulated, and then some post-Quranic Christological disputes between Muslims and Christians. It also considers a broad range of Quranic data about Christ in order to identify certain primary themes in the Quran about him. Then three Quranic verses about Christ and his relationship with the Holy Spirit are analyzed through the interpretations of four classical exegetes. On the basis of their interpretations as well as the general Quranic discourse about Christ this thesis makes a limited number of positive assertions about Christ as well as suggests areas wherein further research on the specifically Islamic view of Christ can be developed.





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