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Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Studies

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Kateel Shetty

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Committee Chair

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Krishnaswamy Jayachandran

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Miroslav Gantar

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Committee Member


Algae, Biofuels, Everglades Agricultural Area

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Freshwater use is a major concern in the mass production of algae for biofuels. This project examined the use of canal water obtained from the Everglades Agricultural Area as a base medium for the mass production of algae. This water is not suitable for human consumption, and it is currently used for crop irrigation. A variety of canals were found to be suitable for water collection. Comparison of two methods for algal production showed no significant difference in biomass accumulation. It was discovered that synthetic reticulated foam can be used for algal biomass collection and harvest, and there is potential for its application in large-scale operations. Finally, it was determined that high alkaline conditions may help limit contaminants and competing organisms in growing algae cultures.





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