Individual differences in preferences for recruitment websites

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Master of Science (MS)



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Chockalingam Viswesvaran

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Joan Erber

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Leslie DeChurch

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This study investigated individual differences in preferences for recruitment websites. Specifically, I expected that personality and ethnic identity would be related to individuals' preferences for corporate websites. A policy-capturing methodology was employed to determine the weight participants place on five website characteristics (i.e. navigability, information relevancy, diversity information, privacy, and contact). Regression and correlational analyses were employed with the five beta weights obtained from individual regression analyses and the other individual differences measures. Results from two samples (student and general population) revealed that, generally, individuals do not differ in the weight they place on different aspects of recruitment websites. However, this study is the first to investigate individual differences in preferences for recruitment websites. Thus, it seems premature to conclude that such differences do not exist. Given its uniqueness, hopefully this study will stimulate research that further elucidates the process by which individuals interpret and evaluate recruitment websites.



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