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International Studies

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Félix Martín

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Associate Professor

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Eduardo Gamarra

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Astrid Arrarás

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Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies


Peace, Peace Studies, Zones of Peace, Zone of Peace, Southern Cone, South America, Nordic Area, Northern Europe, Europe, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, International Relations, Subsystems, Systems, Democratic Peace

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In the wake of the Cold War, regional organizations have proliferated and are now a dominant theme in global politics. This study tests whether explanations for the Nordic peace can help to understand or construct other zones of peace in these increasingly important regional settings. With that in mind, this study compares the Nordic area of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden with the Southern Cone region–here defined as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay–and both are treated as regional, subsystemic zones of peace. Its significance lies in analysis of two developmentally disparate regions not yet compared in zones of peace literature. Using structured, focused comparison, this study is guided by fundamental questions about each region that assess the relationship between explanations for regional peace and their respective historical records. Understanding the conditions that permit the endurance of peace in today’s global context has far-reaching empirical and theoretical implications.





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