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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jorge L. Rodriguez

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Assistant Professor

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Dr. Dimitri Bourlikov

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CMS Researcher

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Dr. Mengxing Chen

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CMS Researcher

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Dr. Pete Markowitz

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Dr. Prem Chapagain

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Assistant Professor


Lustre, xrootd, cms, high energy physics, distributed file systems, kerberos

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To explore the feasibility of processing Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) analysis jobs across the wide area network, the FIU CMS Tier-3 center and the Florida CMS Tier-2 center designed a remote data access strategy. A Kerberized Lustre test bed was installed at the Tier-2 with the design to provide storage resources to private-facing worker nodes at the Tier-3. However, the Kerberos security layer is not capable of authenticating resources behind a private network. As a remedy, an xrootd server on a public-facing node at the Tier-3 was installed to export the file system to the private-facing worker nodes. We report the performance of CMS analysis jobs processed by the Tier-3 worker nodes accessing data from a Kerberized Lustre file. The processing performance of this configuration is benchmarked against a direct connection to the Lustre file system, and separately, where the xrootd server is near the Lustre file system.





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