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Master of Arts (MA)


International Studies

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Iqbal Akhtar

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Assistant Professor

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Maria Logrono

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Assistant Professor

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John F. Clark

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caliphate, Ataturk, British India, Turkey, Egypt, Islam, Muslim, colonialism, secularism, nationalism

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The Caliphate was a fundamental part of Islamic society for nearly 1300 years. This paper seeks to uncover what effect the removal of this institution had on the mobilization of Muslims in several parts of the world; Turkey, Egypt, and British India. These countries had unique experiences with colonialism, secularism, nationalism, that in many ways conditioned the response of individuals to this momentous occasion. Each country’s reaction had a profound impact on the future trajectory of civil society, and the role of Islam in the lives of its citizens. The conclusions of this paper challenge the monolithic depiction of Islam in the world, and reveal the origins of conflict that these three centers of Muslim power face today. Much of the religious narrative now commonplace in Muslim organizations derive from this pivotal event in world history.





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