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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

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Tadeusz Babij

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Mark Hagmann

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Wanaba Subbarao


Antennas, Dipole, Antennas (Electronics), Design and construction, Computer programs

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The Mini-Numerical Electromagnetic Code (MININEC) program, a PC-Compatible version of the powerful NEC program, is used to design a new type of reduced-size antenna. The validity of the program to model simple well-known antennas, such as dipoles and monopoles, is first shown. More complex geometries such as folded dipoles, and meander dipole antennas are also analysed using the program. The final design geometry of a meander folded dipole is characterized with MININEC, yielding results that serve as the basis for the practical construction of the antenna. Finally, the laboratory work with a prototype antenna is described, and practical results are presented.




Degree Discipline: Electrical Engineering


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