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Stephan L. Mintz

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Richard Bone

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Rudolf Fiebig

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Ramon Lopez de la Vega

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We calculate the differential cross section for weak electron scattering reaction, e + 3He-' 3H + ve, for energies from 100 MeV to 6 GeV as a function of outgoing nucleus angle from 0 to n/2 radians. We find that the differential cross section at low [q2] increases with electron energy from 0.1 GeV to 6.0 GeV, such that the peak value at 6.0 GeV is approximately 3.2 x 10-40 cm 2 / ster, a factor of 10 larger than the peak value at 0.1 GeV. We also find that the width of the peak falls very rapidly with increasing electron energy. At high [q2] we find that the differential cross section falls by approximately three orders of magnitude making experimental observation at this time unlikely. The contributions of the individual form factors are obtained for electron energies of 0.5GeV and 2.0 GeV. It is found that at low [q2] the form factors, FA(q2) and Fv(q2), make contributions of similar size to the differential cross section and might be simultaneously determined , but for the case of FM(q2) we find that the contribution is too small to determine. It is also found that at large [q2] values, the contribution of FM(q2) is substantially enhanced , but that the cross section is probably too small to enable a direct determination of FM(q2).



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