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Lidia Kos

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Keith Condon

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Ophelia I. Weeks

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Signaling of endothelin-3 (Edn3) through its receptor, endothelin receptor B (EdnrB), has been shown to be indispensable for the development of certain neural crest derivatives. Since no research has been directed to investigate what the downstream targets of this signaling pathway are, the purpose of this study was to identify and characterize genes that are transcriptionally regulated by Edn3 signaling.

Data from Differential Display RT-PCR of Edn-3 induced cDNA vs. non-induced cDNA obtained from primary neural crest cultures was analyzed. Thirty bands that were differentially expressed were sequenced and submitted for a homology search (BLAST). Among the genes identified were WSB 1 (a member of the SOCS family of negative regulators) and SPC 12 (the smallest subunit, 12kDa, of mammalian signal peptidase).

Using whole-mount in-situ hybridization, the expression patterns of EdnrB, WSB 1 and SPC 12 were characterized. WSB 1 and SPC 12 expression patterns were found to overlap with that of EdnrB, suggesting that Edn3 might regulate the transcription of these genes in specific neural crest derived lineages.



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