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Chockalingham Viswesvaran

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Nathan Hiller

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Dionne Stephens

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This study provides a comprehensive assessment of base rates for counterproductive work behaviors (CWB) and examines their relationship with personality and demographic variables. The Randomized-Response Technique (RRT) was employed in order to reduce the effects of social desirability. Base rates were calculated for 66 behaviors for a student and nationwide sample. Results revealed 15 significant behaviors for the student sample and 7 for the nationwide sample. In addition, low neuroticism was found to relate to higher reporting of counterproductive behavior for both groups. Also, low conscientiousness was related to higher reports of CWB in the student sample. Finally, CWB was found to differ based on ethnicity for the student sample such that Caucasians reported higher rates of CWB than Hispanics.



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