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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Ibrahim Tansel

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Sabri Tosunoglu

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Tachung Yih

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Cutting tools less than 2mm diameter can be considered as micro-tool. Microtools are used in variety of applications where precision and accuracy are indispensable. In micro-machining operations, a small amount of material is removed and very small cutting forces are created. The small cross sectional area of the micro-tools drastically reduces their strength and makes their useful life short and unpredictable; so cutting parameters should be selected carefully to avoid premature tool breakage. The main objective of this study is to develop new techniques to select the optimal cutting conditions with minimum number of experiments and to evaluate the tool wear in machining operations. Several experimental setups were prepared and used to investigate the characteristics of cutting force and AE signals during the micro-end-milling of different materials including steel, aluminum and graphite electrodes. The proposed optimal cutting condition selection method required fewer experiments than conventional approaches and avoided premature tool breakage. The developed tool wear monitoring technique estimated the used tool life with ±10% accuracy from the machining data collected during the end-milling of non-metal materials.





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