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Environmental Studies

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Krish Jayachandran

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Mahadev Bhat

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Alok Deoraj

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aquaponics, aquafeed, recirculating aquaculture, blue tilapia, red amaranth, crop yield, effluent

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Aquaponics, the integrated production of fish and hydroponic crops in a recirculating system, is an intensive cultivation method in which metabolic fish wastes fertilize plants. This study compares the effects of two aquafeeds on Red amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor) productivity and on water quality under cultivation of Blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus), with three aquaponic units (n=3) per treatment over a 60-day trial. The fishmeal-based control feed contains higher crude protein (40%) and phosphorus (1.12%) than the plant-based alternative feed (32% and 0.40%). The alternative feed resulted in a significantly higher amaranth crop yield (p





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