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Master of Arts (MA)


Asian Studies

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Maria Del Mar Logroño

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Major Professor

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Steven Heine

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Co-Major Professor

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Matthew Marr


Orientalism, Popular Culture, Media, Muslim, Arab, South Korea, Multiculturalism, Ethno-nationalism, Islam, Diversity, Identity

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Interest in Muslim and Arab societies has been on the rise in South Korea, especially since 2001, with many books and various documentaries being published on the subject. Since 2005 there have been a number of television shows and documentaries that include Muslim, and sometimes Arab characters. This study will examine how images of Muslims and Arabs are presented in Korean popular culture through the analysis of various dramas and variety shows, as well as how these images fit into the context of Korean ethno-nationalism and the history of Islam in East Asia. In addition to this analysis this study will also be exploring how these images have been changing from negative to a more sympathetic or realistic depiction of Muslims and Arabs, as well as explore which groups are responsible for this change.





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