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Janice Standiford

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Joseph Cook

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Barry Greenberg


Nursing students, Prediction of scholastic success

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An approach to enhancing the success of nursing students is found in understanding the learning process and in the academic and sociologic variables placing students at risk for failure and attrition. Utilizing Bloom's Mastery Model, nurse educators may reduce failure and attrition by enhancing alterable variables. This Ex Post Facto investigation utilized Bloom's learning theory to examine a causal relationship of learner entry characteristics, learner reading and writing skills and the impact on program exit grade point average. The study sample was comprised of 143 nursing students entering an upper division urban multicultural baccalaureate nursing program. Data were collected by use of a demographic questionnaire, assessment of reading and writing skills of junior students in the nursing program, and obtainment of the program exit grade point average. A recursive path analysis was utilized for data analysis.

Findings revealed older male students who transferred to the program from a university with high entry grade point averages excelled in reading assessment scores. University transfer students with a high entry grade point average excelled in writing also. Students for who French, specifically Creole, was a first language had lower writing scores and program exit grade point averages. Spanish as a first language was also associated with lower exit grade point averages. Higher reading and writing scores and entry grade point averages were associated with higher program exit grade point averages. Finally entry grade point average and university transfer were the only entry characteristics mediated by both reading and writing scores.



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