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Master of Science (MS)



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Misak M. Sargsian

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Werner U. Boeglin

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John T. Landrum

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Joerg Reinhold

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The purpose of this research was to develop a theory of high-energy exclusive electrodisintegration of three-nucleon systems on the example of 3He(e, e'NN)N reaction with knocked-out nucleon in the final state.

The scattering amplitudes and differential cross section of the reaction were calculated in details within the Generalized Eikonal Approximation(GEA). The manifestly covariant nature of Feynman diagrams derived in GEA allowed us to preserve both the relativistic dynamics and kinematics of the scattering while identifying the low momentum nuclear part of the amplitude with a nonrelativistic nuclear wave function. Numerical calculations of the residual system's total and relative momentum distribution were performed which show reasonable agreement with available experimental data.

The theoretical framework of GEA, which was applied previously only for the case of two-body (deuteron) high energy break up reactions, has been practically implemented and shown to provide a valid description for more complex A = 3 systems.



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