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When a suspect's DNA profile is admitted into court as a match to evidence the probability of the perpetrator being another individual must be calculated from database allele frequencies. The two methods used for this calculation are phenotypic frequency and likelihood ratio. Neither of these calculations takes into account substructuring within populations. In these substructured populations the frequency of homozygotes increases and that of heterozygotes usually decreases. The departure from Hardy- Weinberg expectation in a sample population can be estimated using Sewall Wright's Fst statistic. Fst values were calculated in four populations of African descent by comparing allele frequencies at three short tandem repeat loci. This was done by amplifying the three loci in each sample using the Polymerase Chain Reaction and separating these fragments using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The gels were then silver stained and autoradiograms taken, from which allele frequencies were estimated. Fst values averaged 0.007+- 0.005 within populations of African descent and 0.02+- 0.01 between white and black populations.



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