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Wendy K. Silverman

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Steven L. Berman

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William M. Kurtines

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Since DSM-III-R criteria for Overanxious Disorder (OAD) was subsumed under Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in DSM-IV, three studies have investigated the overlap between the diagnoses. Although two studies have identified children meeting both OAD and GAD criteria (OAD/GAD group), a third study has identified children who met criteria for OAD, but not GAD (OAD group). Based on finding these two groups of children, we examined whether children in the OAD group (n= 30) could be differentiated from children in the OAD/GAD group (n=81) based on self and parent report of anxious symptoms and level of functional impairment. Conditional probability rates were also calculated for each of the DSM anxious symptoms to determine their overall clinicalutility. Findings revealed that the OAD group of children experienced fewer anxious symptoms than children in the OAD/GAD group, though both groups showed some amount of impairment. The implications for research and practice are discussed.



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