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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Arvind Agarwal

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Co-Major Professor

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Bilal El-Zahab

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Co-Major Professor

Third Advisor's Name

Sakhrat Khizroev

Fourth Advisor's Name

Wenzhi Li


Synthesis, Carbon, Nanotube, High Voltage, Induction

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The fields of nanomaterial and nanostructures are some of the fastest growing fields in material science today. Carbon nanotubes are at the forefront of these fields and their unique mechanical and electrical properties are of great interest to those working in multiple engineering fields.

The overall objective of this study was to design and develop a new process and the equipment necessary, to synthesize carbon nanotubes using high voltage and a high-frequency induction field. This was the first time that a high voltage and an induction field have been used simultaneously in high yield production of carbon nanotubes.

The source of carbon came from acetylene with cobalt used as the doping agent. The carbon was molded into carbon nanotubes by the high-voltage field. The carbon nanotubes were characterized using electron microscope techniques. Raman spectroscopy was also used to reveal the defects and graphitic structures of the carbon nanotubes.





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