Framework for enterprise systems engineering

Oscar Alejandro Saenz, Florida International University


This research aimed at developing a research framework for the emerging field of enterprise systems engineering (ESE). The framework consists of an ESE definition, an ESE classification scheme, and an ESE process. This study views an enterprise as a system that creates value for its customers. Thus, developing the framework made use of system theory and IDEF methodologies. This study defined ESE as an engineering discipline that develops and applies systems theory and engineering techniques to specification, analysis, design, and implementation of an enterprise for its life cycle. The proposed ESE classification scheme breaks down an enterprise system into four elements. They are work, resources, decision, and information. Each enterprise element is specified with four system facets: strategy, competency, capacity, and structure. Each element-facet combination is subject to the engineering process of specification, analysis, design, and implementation, to achieve its pre-specified performance with respect to cost, time, quality, and benefit to the enterprise. This framework is intended for identifying research voids in the ESE discipline. It also helps to apply engineering and systems tools to this emerging field. It harnesses the relationships among various enterprise aspects and bridges the gap between engineering and management practices in an enterprise. The proposed ESE process is generic. It consists of a hierarchy of engineering activities presented in an IDEF0 model. Each activity is defined with its input, output, constraints, and mechanisms. The output of an ESE effort can be a partial or whole enterprise system design for its physical, managerial, and/or informational layers. The proposed ESE process is applicable to a new enterprise system design or an engineering change in an existing system. The long-term goal of this study aims at development of a scientific foundation for ESE research and development.

Subject Area

Systems design

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Saenz, Oscar Alejandro, "Framework for enterprise systems engineering" (2005). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI3257515.