Expanding guitar production techniques: Building the Guitar Application Toolkit (GATK)

Roberto Horacio Aramburu, Florida International University


The purpose of this thesis was to build the Guitar Application ToolKit (GATK), a series of applications used to expand the sonic capabilities of the acoustic/electric stereo guitar. Furthermore, the goal of the GATK was to extend improvisational capabilities and the compositional techniques generated by this innovative instrument. During the GATK creation process, the current production guitar techniques and overall sonic result were enhanced by planning and implementing a personalized electro-acoustic performance set up, designing custom-made performance interfaces, creating interactive compositional strategies, crafting non-standardized sounds, and controlling various music parameters in real-time using the Max/MSP programming environment. This was the fast thesis project of its kind. It is expected that this thesis will be useful as a reference paper for electronic musicians and music technology students; as a product demonstration for companies that manufacture the relevant software; and as a personal portfolio for future technology related jobs.

Subject Area

Music|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Aramburu, Roberto Horacio, "Expanding guitar production techniques: Building the Guitar Application Toolkit (GATK)" (2006). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI1434773.