Community formation among Asian Indians in southeast Florida

Carol Ann Kohn Sheikh, Florida International University


Nearly one million Asian Indians have immigrated to the United States. Asian Indians are scattered across wide geographic areas. While some have chosen transnationalism, most are taking the traditional route of building ethnic communities. Using what the West has to offer in terms of communication and transportation technologies, they are constructing communities without geographic boundaries, with the extensive use of the automobile and air transportation, cellular phones, FAX machines, commercial delivery services, multi-party conference phones. Also, they are incorporating the American tradition of immigrant associations into an Asian Indian syncretism of community. In the process there emerges an Asian Indian identity and concept of kinship and community.

Subject Area

Minority & ethnic groups|Sociology|Cultural anthropology|Social structure

Recommended Citation

Sheikh, Carol Ann Kohn, "Community formation among Asian Indians in southeast Florida" (1998). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI1388292.