The gluex start counter & beam asymmetry in single 0 photoproduction

Eric Pooser, Florida International University


The GlueX experiment aims to study meson photoproduction while utilizing the coherent bremsstrahlung technique to produce a 9 GeV linearly polarized photon beam incident on a liquid H2 target. A Start Counter detector was fabricated to properly identify the accelerator electron beam buckets and to provide accurate timing information. The Start Counter detector was designed to operate at photon intensities of up to 108 γ/s in the coherent peak and provides a timing resolution ∼300 ps so as to provide successful identification of the electron beam buckets to within 99% accuracy. Furthermore, the Start Counter detector provides excellent solid angle coverage, ∼ 90% of 4π, and a high degree of segmentation for background rejection. It consists of a cylindrical array of 30 scintillators with pointed ends that bend towards the beam at the downstream end. Magnetic field insensitive silicon photomultiplier detectors were selected as the readout system. An initial measurement of the beam asymmetry Σ in the exclusive reaction γp → π0 p, where π0 → γγ has been carried out utilizing the GlueX spectrometer during the Spring 2015 commissioning run. The tagged photon energies ranged from 2.5 < Eγ < 3.0GeV in the coherent peak. These measurements were then compared to the world data set and show remarkable agreement with only two hours of physics production running.

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Pooser, Eric, "The gluex start counter & beam asymmetry in single 0 photoproduction" (2016). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI10255429.