The Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (CRUSADA) at Florida International University was established in 2003 in order to address the escalating twin epidemics of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS affecting Latino communities throughout South Florida. This pioneering, nationally and internationally recognized Center currently houses grant awards from several of the prestigious institutes within the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Submissions from 2016


Sociocultural Determinants of Risky Sexual Behaviors among Adult Latinas: A Longitudinal Study of a Community-Based Sample, Patria Rojas, Hui Huang, Tan Li, Gira J. Ravelo, , , and


Drinking and Driving among Recent Latino Immigrants: The Impact of Neighborhoods and Social Support, Mariana Sanchez, Eduardo Romano, Christyl Dawson, Hui Huang, Alicia Sneij, Elena Cyrus, Patria Rojas, Miguel Angel Cano, Judith Brook, and Mario De La Rosa

Submissions from 2015


Overweight status of the primary caregivers of orphan and vulnerable children in 3 Southern African countries: a cross sectional study, Mariano Kanamori, Olivia Carter-Pokras, Sangeetha Madhavan, Robert Feldmand, Xin He, and Sunmin Lee