CIARA fosters a domain-specific tailoring of Internet technologies to support faculty research, and in the process improve graduate education.

CIARA assesses and measures FIU's effectiveness in the use of technology to augment the rate of discovery for domain researchers.


Submissions from 2016


The risk of dengue for non-immune foreign visitors to the 2016 summer olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Raphael Ximenes, Marcos Amaku, Luis Fernandez Lopez, Francisco Antonio Bezerra Coutinho, Marcelo Nascimento Burattini, David Greenhalgh, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Claudio José Struchiner, and Eduardo Massad

Submissions from 2015


A public health risk assessment for yellow fever vaccination: a model exemplified by an outbreak in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, Ana Freitas Ribeiro, Ciléa Tengan, Helena Keico Sato, Roberta Spinola, Melissa Mascheretti, Ana Cecilia Costa França, Marcio Port-Carvalho, Mariza Pereira, Renato Pereira de Souza, Marcos Amaku, Marcelo Nascimento Burattini, Francisco Antonio Bezerra Coutinho, Luis Fernandez Lopez, and Eduardo Massad


Potential for international spread of wild poliovirus via travelers, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Wei-Yee Leong, Luis Fernandez Lopez, Marcos Amaku, Mikkel Quam, Kamran Khan, and Eduardo Massad

Submissions from 2013


Maximum Equilibrium Prevalence of Mosquito-Borne Microparasite Infections in Humans, Marcos Amaku, Marcelo Nascimento, Francisco Antonio Bezerra Coutinho, Luis Fernandez Lopez, and Eduardo Massad

Submissions from 2010


Analysis of protease treatment-associated mutations in a group of HIV-1 subtype F infected individuals with two sequences obtained in different time points, Márcia Perez Resende Oliveros, Clarice Gameiro da Fonseca Pachi, Jorge Futoshi Yamamoto, Elizabeth Cavalieri, Maria Cecilia Araripe Sucupira, and Luis Fernandez Lopez