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The main objective of this project is to develop the framework for inspection and condition assessment of in-service FRP reinforced/strengthened concrete (FRP-RSC) bridge elements. The framework applies to both FRP reinforced structures (FRP internal application) and FRP strengthened structures (FRP external application) and conforms with National Bridge Inspection Standard (NBIS). This framework will be also applicable to other structural components that have incorporated FRP materials including Hybrid Composite Beams (HCB), Concrete-Filled Arch, and Tub girders. This research project highlights the similarities and differentiating aspects between conventionally reinforced concrete and FRP-RSC elements. The report presents the information available to-date and innovative approaches to develop or adapt tools and methods of evaluation to fill the gaps in the knowhow. Since many aspects of FRP application are still evolving, the framework may be updated as more information becomes available.