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Marta Minujín’s Leyendo las noticias is a happening that combines feminine subjectivity with the socio-political, creating a dialogue around notions of trace, the feminine, text, meaning, and impermanence. Specifically, how these notions affect the women living in an unstable and pluralistic world. It depicts a woman as a ‘participatory woman’ talking about women, in a conflicted patriarchal society. I would argue that the popular Marta Minujín’s Leyendo las noticias, represents a ‘slippage,’ for women (Cixoux 1976) amid a repressive culture, and a historical context of a Dirty War, violence, and fear. Martin Heidegger, Jacques Derrida, Helene Cixous, Jane Bennett, and Julia Kristeva are brought in dialogue, with the selected happening, in an intertwined analysis of: the reading of Freud and meaning of text in relation to the psyche (Derrida 2003), women talking about women’s issues (Cixoux 1976), the impermanence and the notion of the severed head (Kristeva 2012), the concept of the thing-power and the decentering of the human experience (Bennett 2010) and the concepts of Da-sein as a product of time, place and culture, and the necessity of choice (Heidegger 2010).

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