Expanding guitar production techniques: Building the Guitar Application Toolkit (GATK)

Roberto Horacio Aramburu, Florida International University


The purpose of this thesis was to build the Guitar Application ToolKit (GATK), a series of applications used to expand the sonic capabilities of the acoustic/electric stereo guitar. Furthermore, the goal of the GATK was to extend improvisational capabilities and the compositional techniques generated by this innovative instrument. ^ During the GATK creation process, the current production guitar techniques and overall sonic result were enhanced by planning and implementing a personalized electro-acoustic performance set up, designing custom-made performance interfaces, creating interactive compositional strategies, crafting non-standardized sounds, and controlling various music parameters in real-time using the Max/MSP programming environment. ^ This was the fast thesis project of its kind. It is expected that this thesis will be useful as a reference paper for electronic musicians and music technology students; as a product demonstration for companies that manufacture the relevant software; and as a personal portfolio for future technology related jobs. ^

Subject Area

Music|Computer Science

Recommended Citation

Aramburu, Roberto Horacio, "Expanding guitar production techniques: Building the Guitar Application Toolkit (GATK)" (2006). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI1434773.