Acculturation and Diabetes Self-management of Cuban Americans: Is Age a Protective Factor?

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Migration to the United States has been linked to obesity and poor diet quality. We investigated the relationship among diabetes self-management, diet, age and acculturation factors for 182 Cuban-Americans (Females = 110, Males = 72) with type 2 diabetes recruited from a randomized mailing list in South Florida. Inadequate glycemic control (β = 0.257), BMI (β = 0.251), total fat intake (β = 0.251), and smoking (β = 0.200), were positively associated, while understanding of overall diabetes care (β = -0.165), was negatively associated with migration (N = 162, adj.R2 = 0.286, F = 14.65, p < 0.001). These associations suggest that effective diabetes education targeting acculturation issues is lacking.