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Paul Jackson II



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Oral history interview of Paul Jackson II by Cristina Baker

Mr. Jackson describes his experience growing up in an active and tight-knit community with strong family support and a heavy emphasis on education. He goes on to talk about attending different schools to have access to better resources such as extracurricular and athletic opportunities, as well as exposure to diverse social environments. He then describes how his teaching career began, what it was like creating a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his early experiences with entrepreneurship. Mr. Jackson concludes by stating that the wealth gap is a major issue in Miami. He believes that the size of the black population, in relation to their financial position, suggests there are concerning affairs at play. However, Jackson believes that building businesses based on solutions to community challenges has the potential to shrink this wealth gap.

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Paul Jackson was born on March 11th, 1996, in Miami, Florida. He attended several collegiate institutions, notable among them the University of Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin. Jackson was a student-athlete, performing well in school and on the field. During his time at the University of Wisconsin, he also authored articles detailing his experiences representing his school at international conferences.

Today, Jackson is a teacher at Horace Mann Middle School in El Portal, Florida. He is also a business owner, successfully starting an online tutoring service called “Math Relations.” When he is not in the classroom helping students or tutoring students through his business, he participates in several entrepreneurial efforts in Miami. He is a member of Catalyst Miami and Global Shapers.

Paul Jackson II



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