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Oral history interview of Lynn Purcell by Martin Rago

In this interview, Lynn Purcell speaks of her personal struggles with digital access and digital technology, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She describes her difficulties an older student at Miami Dade College who didn’t have access to a computer and lacked the necessary knowledge regarding using a computer for schoolwork. She spoke at length about how in 2022 the access to technology and training in digital literacy is necessary to succeed at school, work, and any other aspect of life. A large part of her point is also about community uplift how those less fortunate should be helped; and once they are in a better position they will be able to uplift others.

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Miami, Florida


Oral History, Digital Access, Miami, Digital gap, Wealth gap, Race Studies, Covid-19, Internet Access, Technology Access, Education Access, Overtown, Miami Springs, Liberty City, Brownsville, Hialeah, Florida International University, Socio-Economic Factors, Political Advocacy, Awareness, Social Issues, Digital Inequality, Digital Equality


Economic Policy | Public Policy | Social Justice



Length: 48 Minutes

Biography and Comments

Lynn Purcell was born in 1959 and grew up in Brownsville. After high school, she began her studies at Florida Memorial University (FMU) to become an educator. However, she had to find a job and postpone her pursuit of higher education due to monetary struggles. She currently lives in a village in Florida called El Portal, and she resumed her college education at Miami-Dade College (MDC) at the beginning of 2020. Furthermore, she advocates for climate and economic justice with Catalyst Miami. She has gone to Tallahassee to petition legislators and has collaborated with Florida Rising.

Lynn Purcell



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