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Wednesday, January 1st
12:00 AM

Counter-Radicalization Bot ResearchUsing Social Bots to Fight Violent Extremism

William Marcellino, RAND Corporation
Madeline Magnuson, RAND Corporation
Anne Stickells
Benjamin Boudreaux, RAND Corporation
Todd C. Helmus, RAND Corporation
Edward Geist, RAND Corporation
Zev Winkelman, RAND Corporation

Countering Violent Extremism: Perspectives from the Australian Context

Shandon Harris-Hogan

Enter 9/11: Latin America and the Global War on Terror

Markus-Michael Müller, Freie Universität Berlin, ZILateinamerika-Institut

Hate in the time of coronavirus: exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on violent extremism and terrorism in the West

Francesco Marone, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia

Modeling Radicalization and Violent Extremism

LeRon Shults, Institute for Global Development and Planning, University of Agder Kristians and NorwayCenter for Modeling Social Systems at NORCE Kristians and Norway
Ross Gore, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, Old Dominion University

Prevention of Terrorism–An Assessment of Prior POM Work and Future Potentials

Sushil Gupta, Florida International University
Martin K. Starr, Columbia University in the City of New York
Reza Zanjirani Farahani, Kingston Business School
Mahsa Mahboob Ghodsi, HEC Montréal

Sentiment analysis of extremism in social media from textual information

Muhammad Asif, Department of Computer Science, National Textile University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Atiab Ishtiaq, Department of Computer Science, National Textile University
Haseeb Ahmad, Department of Computer Science, National Textile University
Hanan Aljuaid, Department of Computer Sciences, College of Computer and Information Sciences, Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University
Jalal Shah, Department of Computer System Engineering and Sciences, Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology

Staying Engaged in Terrorism: Narrative Accounts of Sustaining Participation in Violent Extremism

Neil Ferguson, Department of Psychology, Liverpool Hope University
James W. McAuley, Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Huddersfield

The Importance of Legislation in Dealing with Extremism and Terrorism: The Experience of Trinidad and Tobago

Andrew Dalip Jr., Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies

Trinidad and Tobago

The Role of Education in the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism in Developing Countries

Marlies Sas, Antwerp Research Group on Safety and Security (ARGoSS) and Research Group on Law Enforcement, University of Antwerp, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Koen Ponnet, Department of Communication Sciences, imec-mict-Ghent University
Genserik Reniers, Antwerp Research Group on Safety and Security (ARGoSS) and Safety and Security Science Group,
Wim Hardyns, Antwerp Research Group on Safety and Security (ARGoSS) and Research Group on Law Enforcement, University of Antwerp; Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP), Ghent University

Transitional Justice and Violent Extremism

Ronald C. Slye, Seattle University School of Law

Monday, June 1st
12:00 AM

The Pits: Violence in Michoacán Over Control of Avocado Trade

Samuel D. Henkin, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Maryland