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Monday, January 1st
12:00 AM

Building Development for a New Era: China's Infrastructure Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean

Asian Studies Center, Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Critical Infrastructure in Latin America: connected, dependent, and vulnerable

Boris Saavedra, William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Latin-America and the Caribbean

Organization of American States

Latin America and the Caribbean

Development and conflicts linked to infrastructure construction

Eduardo Ramos Suárez
Gabriel Pérez, Economic Commission for Latin Americaand the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Dialogue and diplomacy through the construction of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam

Wossenu Abtew, South Florida Water Management District
Shimelis Behailu Dessu, Florida International University

Do treaties matter? Climate change, water variability, and cooperation along transboundary river basins

Shlomi Dinar, Florida International University
David Katz, University of Haifa
Lucia De Stefano, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Brian Blankespoor, The World Bank, USA

Managing the Urban Environment of Lima, Peru

David J. Edelman, School of Planning, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA

Lima, Peru

National Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense Policy Snapshots

Cyber Defense Project

PPIs and transport infrastructure: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean

Alessio Tei, School of Engineering, Newcastle Universit
Claudio Ferrari, Department of Economics, University ofGenoa