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Public Middle School English Teachers Using LGBT Discriminatory District Curriculum “Multicultural” Guide

Ruben A. Caceres

Writing The Literature Review Section: Teaching Undergraduate Psychology Students Scientific Writing

Hung-Tao Chen, Florida international University

A Change in Engagement: The Relationship between Employee Engagement and Generational Differences

Markease L. Doe, Florida International University
Vinus Fong, Florida International Universty
Yvena Muselaire, Florida International Universty

Traversing STEM: Creating Pathways for Social Justice in the United States

Remy Dou, Florida International University

An Analysis of the Connection Between Workforce Development and Higher Education Within State Policy and the Sharing of Best Practices

Arthur C. Evans III, Keiser University

Higher Education Reform and the Increased Cost of Post-Secondary Education in the U.S.: A Policy Review of Current Policy Plans and Policy Proposals

Arthur C. Evans III, Keiser University

Construction of Stereotypes and Their Effects on Education

Indira Gil, Florida International University

The Impact of a Training Component on the “Job” Satisfaction of Foster Parents: Implications for HRD

Lori Ann Gionti, Florida International University

Baby Boomers: The Use of Technology to Support Learning

Debaro D. Huyler, Florida International University
Daniel J. Ciocca, Barry University

Improving Academic Literacy for EAP Students at the Postsecondary Level: A Literature Review

Jennifer L. Lannon, Florida International Universty

Transitioning From Narrative to Expository in the Middle School: A Look at Boys’ Preferred Writing Techniques

Ilisa j. lieberman, Florida International University

Understanding Organizational Creativity: Relationships among Cross-level Variables and Creativity in Research and Development Organizations

Laird McLean, McLean Global Consulting, Inc.
Shinhee Jeong, Texas A&M University
Gary McLean, McLean Global Consulting, Inc.
Kenneth Bartlett, University of Minnesota

Using the HPST Framework to improve Reading Comprehension with Students with Intellectual Disabilities in a University Setting

Jose M. Pombo, Florida International University, USA
Amanda Giust, Florida International University

Global Perspectives and FIU Undergraduates: The Interpersonal Domain

Lauren Bahia Simons-Lane, Florida International University

Difficulties of Chinese Students with Their Academic English: Evidence from a China-United States University Program

Xiuyuan Yang, Florida International University
Yinhong Duan, Florida International University

On Strategies in Teaching Culturally Diverse Literary Texts

Yu Zhang, Florida International University