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Doctoral Students: Online, On Time, and On to Graduation

Susan Adragna, Keiser University
Kelly Gatewood, Keiser University
Karen Rinelli, Keiser University
Karen Zelbovitz, Keiser University

Nonverbal Aptitude and Academic Achievement at a Diverse Parochial Secondary School - A Correlational Study

John Althoff

Changing corporations: The role of HRDM

Fatima Beamonte

TEACHNJ: An Evaluation of Two Years Implementation

Kathe Callahan, Kean University
Leila Sadeghi, Kean University

Action Research Project

Elizabeth A. Castellanos
Brenda Zelaya

What factors influence persistence rates in active older adult group exercise programs?

Jennifer Danilowski, Keiser University

Supporting Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Higher Education through Mentoring

Amanda Giust, Florida International University
Diana Valle-Riestra, Florida International University

How Transformational Theory can be used to understand the Personal Experience if being Bullied in the Workplace

Salma A. Hadeed, Florida International University

Positive Effects of Peer Modeling and Positive Reinforcement on Healthy Food Intake in Elementary School Children

Kiera Ingalls
Martha Pelaez, Department of Leadership and Professional Studies

Queer Theory or Queer Choice of Identification?

Jennifer Kross, FIU

The Experience of “Bottoming”: Considerations for Identity and Learning

Craig M. McGill, Florida International University
Joshua Collins, Florida International University

The Relationship Between Online and In Person GED Preparatory Courses

Jocelyn Y. Messerschmidt, Florida International University

Analysis of Students’ Misconceptions and Error Patterns in Mathematics: The Case of Fractions

Zoe A. Morales, Florida International University

Minding The Gap: Trending Toward Older Online Students

Cyntianna C. Ortega, Florida International University
Janet Chavez, Florida International University

The Effectiveness of an Intervention Package on Math Computation

Nathaly Ossa, Florida International University
Martha Pelaez, Florida International University

Users Acceptance of Online Enrollment Processes in a Higher Education Institution

Luis F. Rodriguez, Keiser University

Engagement as Privilege: Deconstructing the Power and Privilege of Employee Engagement

Brad Shuck, University of Louisville
Joshua Collins, Florida International University
Raquel Munarriz Diaz, University of Florida
Tonette Rocco, Florida International University

Engaged Scholarship: A Model for Creating an Education Research Lab

Gerene K. Starratt, Barry University
Sashay Goodletty, Barry University
Ivana Fredotovic, Barry University
Stephanie Auguste, Barry University
Lauren Shure, Barry University

Forgotten Women: Incarceration and Health Concerns of Minority Women

Chaundra L. Whitehead, Florida International University
Regina McDade
Mary Mites-Campbell

On the possible implementation of nondirective teaching for English class in post secondary public schools in China

Yu Zhang, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, FIU