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code- switching, politics, Puerto Rico, Miami

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Puerto Rico is considered a bilingual community for having English imposed to it as a result of the Spanish-American war. However, a notable difference between the perception of code-switching (a natural phenomenon after language contact) in Puerto Rico, and other bilingual communities such as Miami seems to take place. Research states that a considerable amount of Puerto Ricans have a negative perception against code-switching, while the limited research on code-switching in Miami states that Miami Cubans have a more positive perception towards code-switching. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the ways in which listeners perceive and judge code-switching in Puerto Rico as compared to Miami. In addition, it seeks to understand how perceptions of CS correlate with political identification.149 Puerto Ricans and 58 Miami Cubans were surveyed to prove whether this difference in code-switching between both communities exists. Results of the study shows that there is a difference in code-switching attitudes between Miami and Puerto Rico, however the data obtained did not show a correlation between perception of CS and political identification.

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