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Dr. Peter Machonis

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Dr. Ellen Thompson

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Dr. Tometro Hopkins

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phrasal verbs, verb-particle constructions, lexicon-grammar, syntax, morpho-syntax

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The goal of a Lexicon-Grammar is to systematically compose an exhaustive collection of particular linguistic structures to more accurately reveal patterns of language. Recent lexicon-grammar analyses such as “Transitive verbs with the particleout : a lexicon-grammar analysis” by Michelle Garcia-Vega (2011) and “Disambiguating phrasal verbs” by Dr. Peter Machonis (2008) respectively contain a plethora of entries for their particles. However, formal lexicon models would benefit from more in-depth exploration of away expressions. This research consists of collection, classification, and analysis of phrasal verbs with the particle away, following the lexicon-grammar model outlined by Maurice Gross in “The argument structure of elementary sentences” (1992). These tables include information about the morpho-syntactic and structural properties of each expression as well as examples of each construction’s use in a sentence. The large- scale collection of examples makes it possible to analyze these expressions and gain insight into their syntactic combinations and lexical variation.

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