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Language is an essential tool in the establishment of the doctor-patient relationship and is paramount to successful outcomes. According to the U.S census, 5.7 million Hispanic and 487,632 Haitians reside in Florida. This makes Spanish and Haitian Creole the second and third most predominantly spoken languages in the state. Hispanic physicians make up 6% of physicians in the U.S., and 15% of physicians in Florida. Black physicians make up 5.7% of physicians in the U.S., and 5.6% in Florida. An estimated 15% of Black physicians in the United States are Haitian, with a larger number practicing in states such as Florida. Despite the diversity of physicians in Florida, language barriers persist, causing significant adversity in healthcare. Interpreter services may not be available or the provider may not be adept in using them. To address these concerns, we have created a booklet with common phrases used in medical encounters, organized by subspecialty. We hope that this booklet can aid students and physicians in communicating with patients while waiting to be connected with a professional translator.

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