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The purpose of this paper is to examine the use of words on a restaurant menu, and to evaluate the impact that they have on the selection of menu items. The research comprised two distinct parts. First, four focus groups were held examining responses to five menus, each with the same menu items but using different wording. The results from the focus group analysis were used to develop a survey which was more widely distributed. From the focus group it was revealed that the occasion and participants in the dining experience influence the wording for menu item selection. Respondents discussed the mystique of the menu and confirmed a desire for menu items that would not normally be prepared at home. It was also of interest the "mouthwatering" effect that the words haw on potential customers and what a strong persuader these words were. The survey reinforced the focus group research in many ways, also stressing the positive effect of descriptive words such as "Tender'; "Golden" and "Natural" to the choice of menu items. The research has identified the importance of the choice and use of words in the design of a menu that operations management need to be aware of