Transportation Outreach Planner

GIS Center, Florida International University

Principal Investigator: Zhaohui (Jennifer) Fu


The Transportation Outreach Planner, funded by MPO Miami and Palm Beach County, is a geo-spatially enabled online interactive reporting program. The FIU Library GIS Center worked in collaboration with the FIU Metropolitan Center to develop this regional community involvement program. The Planner contains an interactive mapping and reporting tool for demographic profiles down to the block group level, a comprehensive collection of community background reports, and a set of public involvement strategy tools for optimizing outreach to the public. This semi-automated program allows urban planners and managers to quickly generate a socio-economic profile for a neighborhood or community defined by the user, providing comparisons across space and time (US Census data range is 1970-2010, covering all of Florida, from counties to individual block groups). This project won the 2011 “Public Outreach” award of the American Planning Association, Gold Coast Section.