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Introduction and Objective: Adherence to the supine sleep position in families from Miami-Dade is almost three times lower than the national U.S. rates. The purpose of this study was to identify independent predictors associated with infant sleep position, such as income, race, satisfaction with healthcare and completion of routine well-baby checkups in this population. Methods: Through the use of a secondary analysis of crosssectional data collected from participants of the North Miami- Dade Benchmark Survey in 2010, a preliminary bivariate analysis was performed to determine potential confounders. Associations were analyzed by a multivariate logistic regression using SPSS. Results: We identified 61 households with a child less than 12 months old in North Miami. Thirty-one percent of the mothers adhered to the supine sleep position. Hispanics were less likely to use the supine sleep position, and participants defined as other races were more likely to use the supine infant sleep position as compared to African Americans. Incomes of less than $30,000 were less likely to use supine position compared to participants with higher incomes. Households who were dissatisfied with health care and those who did not receive well baby check-ups were less likely to use supine sleep position. However, no differences were found to be statistically significant, possibly due to limited power. Conclusion: A drastically low proportion of households from the North Miami-Dade area adhered with the recommended infant sleep position which could potentially lead to a higher incidence of SIDS. Further research and interventions targeted at increasing awareness and improving supine sleep position adherence in North Miami Dade are urgently needed.



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