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Master of Science (MS)



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Pete Markowitz

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Joerg Reinhold

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Laird Kramer


Electronics, VDC, Vertical Drift Chamber, Summing Module

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Testing of summing electronics and VDC A/D Cards was performed to assure proper functioning and operation within defined parameters. In both the summing modules and the VDC A/D cards, testing for minimum threshold voltage for each channel and crosstalk between neighboring channels was performed. Additionally, the modules were installed in Hall A with input signals from shower detectors arranged to establish a trigger by summing signals together with the use of tested modules. Testing involved utilizing a pulser to mimic PMT signals, a discriminator, an attenuator, a scaler, a level translator, an oscilloscope, a high voltage power supply, and a special apparatus used to power and send signal to the A/D cards. After testing, modules were obtained that meet necessary criteria for use in the APEX experiment, and the A/D cards obtained were determined to have adequate specifications for their utilization, with specific results included in the appendix.





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