A Spherically Symmetric Potential for Ar*(3P2 ̣0)+O2 from Velocity Dependent Total Cross Sections

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Master of Science (MS)



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Kenneth A. Hardy

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Yesim Darici

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Jeffrey A. Joens

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John W. Sheldon

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Velocity dependent total cross sections σ(g) were measured for Ar* (3P2,0)-O2 in the range covering 600-3000 ms-1 using a single beam technique. The measured cross sections σ(g) were determined from the attenuation of the statistically mixed (the 3P2 dominates the 3P0 state by a ratio of 5:1) Ar* beam due its interaction with O2, which was contained in a scattering cell. The absolute value and velocity dependence of σ(g) give information on the long range forces and well area of the potential. The parameters Σ and Rm (Σ is the well depth and Rm is the well position) were derived by a semiclassical inversion technique. These parameters were Σ = 9.73 x 10-5 au. and Rm = 8.60 au.

Using the parameters obtained from the semiclassical inversion technique as input, the measured cross sections were compared to those obtained from a numerical integration of the Schrodinger equation using an assumed potential of the form:

V(r) = (Σ[(f+5)/(n-5) (Rm/R)n - [n(1-f)+6f]/(n-5) (Rm/R)5
- f(Rm/R)6]

The 1/R5 dependence in the potential is a measure of a quadrupole-quadrupole interaction. This dependence is believed to be present in the Ar*-O2 system, as both Ar* and O2 have quadrupole moments. The resulting potential parameters were (Σ = 9.24 10-5 au., n = 10, Rm = 9.00 au., and f = 1.27.

The ratio of the C5 terms (C5 = [n(1-f)+6f)/(n-5)]RM5 For the Ar*-O2 and Ar*-N2 systems, which should be proportional to the ratio of their quadrupole moments for O2 and N2, was computed. This ratio was found to be:

C5(N2)/C5(O2) = 1.25

This ratio is of the same order of magnitude as the ratio of the quadrupole moments for O2 and N2.



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