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Rene M. Price

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M. R. Savabi

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Michael Sukop

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Michael Gross

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Hydraulic conductivity was determined for samples from the Biscayne Aquifer in Miami Florida at bench and field scales. Hydraulic conductivity values obtained were examined for increase due to scale and for anisotropy. Bench scale testing was performed on Key Largo Limestone cubes for total porosity, effective porosity, and hydraulic conductivity. Total porosity was determined by drying and weighing, while effective porosity was determined by submersion. Hydraulic conductivity was determined in a permeameter for each axis of each cube. Field scale testing of hydraulic conductivity was performed with slug tests in the Miami Oolite Formation at the Homestead General Airport. Aquifer scale values for hydraulic conductivity were taken from the literature. Hydraulic conductivity was found to increase with scale in the - Biscayne Aquifer. Furthermore, it increased greatly above an effective porosity of 33 percent. Anisotropy was found to vary in cubes with depth and in proximity to a dense laminated layer.



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