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Master of Arts (MA)


Global and Sociocultural Studies

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Stephen M. Fjellman

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Hugh Gladwin

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Betty H. Morrow

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The Maria Paradox: How Latinas Can Merge Old World Traditions with New World Self-Esteem (1996) argues that acculturation is difficult for Hispanic women more so that for other women, because traditional gender-roles hinder adaptation to life in the United States. While the book looks psychologically at the ideology of marianismo, I believe a sociological analysis of this ideology is helpful. I argue that the umbrella term of Hispanic should not be used because it assumes that this group is culturally homogeneous, which is not the case. Post-industrial society has changed the status quo irrevocably in such a way that everyone is affected. To believe that Latin women in general have more trouble that other women in achieving success in the United States lacks strong evidence at this time.





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