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Interior Design

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Janine King

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Shahin Vassigh

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Philip Abbott

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This study examined factors influencing participatory research team effectiveness in aging in place (AIP) design (Stokols, et al„, 2008). Although research on AIP design characterizes AIP as collaborative process, there are few studies on the factors that affect collaboration in participatory research applied to AIP. This study used a qualitative narrative strategy in a multiple case-study analysis conducted from a transdisciplinary research (TR) perspective. The case-study focused on the factors that enhanced and constrained Open n Prototype Initiative (OPI) team effectiveness.

TR is a precise type of teamwork of integrative endeavors, focused on the science and society interface, and aimed at knowledge-based contribution to life-world problems (Wiesmann et al., 2008). This study found that TR team (TRT) effectiveness in OPI was contingent on six factors that constrained and eight others that enhanced collaboration (Stokols, et al., 2008). The conclusions provide a foundation for developing guidelines for designing, managing and evaluating successful TR (Stokols, et al., 2008) in AIP.





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